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Endless Summer

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This is our 11th season on

Yachts and fast boats, in and around Tulear (‘Toliara’), SW Mada.  

















We offer surf charters from April to November:

There are several world-class waves in this area and barring the odd hardcore surf traveller, the breaks are EMPTY!!  


itinerary: get as much surf in as possible: decided day-to-day, depending on wind, swell, tide etc
















we'll take you to all the awesome regular spots (Flameballs, Jellybabies, TT's, etc all the way through to Google's/Ifaty) and also some lesser known & secret spots in between: all included in the daily rate.


anchor close to the waves:

Sip on your coffee and wait for the surf to turn on!


Wake up to the sound of the motors and then look out the window to see the swell while you still rubbing your eyes!













Unlike a land-based charter, we are not restricted to 2 or 3 nearby waves

we can reach +/- 23 waves in the Tulear area.  


troll for fish when

we change locations

and eat the freshest

fish!!  sashimi!!!!!

The offshore blows

most mornings which provides

perfect surf conditions

then the trades blow in the afternoons and luckily there are still a couple of waves that work with the trades, Flameballs being the most famous.


So we can surf into the afternoon if there is enough swell at Flameballs, otherwise everyafternoon this becomes a kiter’s paradise!!!!!!  

Flameballs with its cross-off wind on the face, is perfect to hang your kite and smash this wave to pieces.

Y.E.S Rates & Info


~Captain pete ~ ~ Owner & Skipper ~


So if I’ve surfed a lot of breaks in the world, why did I settle in Mada?  


Well, I first came to Mada on a surf charter in 2001 and fell in love with the place. it’s still almost exactly the same! There are still no local surfers so never any crowds to worry about and I frequently surf alone, heaven!  


In fact it’s probably one of the last unsurfed areas in the world...... so why not come and have a look, there's an empty break waiting for you!

Nosy Ve Surf Madagascar Magnificent Mangroves Surf Madagascar Surf Madagascar Nosy Ve Beers August Rush IMG_1984 WEBSITE 145 IMG_5597


If you have more time, we can head further up north to uncharted territory for secret waves that are never surfed by anyone!  

Just an overnight sail away, so no surfing time is lost!  

This itinerary includes all of the regular waves plus a few extra days for the waves further north

**we would recommend a 14 day charter for this.**



for 2022 Yacht Charter rates for regular surf charter


**if we head up north for more uncharted waves, a minimal extra fuel levy will be applied**


Contact us for tailor-made trips: combine staying at a local hotel with a hop-on-hop-off surf charter with us - no minimum numbers required


On small or no wave days, we can anchor in Tulear or Anakao to sample some of the infamous local culture, bars, nightlife etc.  Or if you’d like to fish/snorkel/spear/sightsee/

booze cruise

we can make a plan too.  


If your partners or non-surfing mates are keen to join you, they will love it on Yacht Island Style!




















We have equipment for snorkelling, they can suntan on the boat, float around on lilos etc, visit local villages and see the amazing mangroves, lay on white sandy beaches, bats and balls for beach volley etc.. :) especially while sipping G&Ts >>> :)


i.e. if  the guys are at Flameballs surfing up a storm, we can drop off on the beautiful nearby Nosy Ve island, they can take a cooler box, books etc until relaxed.




























If conditions are correct, we will take you to Ifaty to surf, there is a stunning nature walk in Ifaty (to see baobabs and lemur etc etc!).

**any extra excursions, taxis, meals offboard, nature reserve charges are not included in our rates unless otherwise stipulated.


How to get to Tulear?

At the moment only Air Mada flies internally down to Tulear:  


For the more adventurous travellers with plenty of time on their hands, we would highly recommend travelling Tana - Tulear overland: It is a long trip but very beautiful and you might even save time as you don't have to hang around in Tana.


So, contact us for any further queries or let me know your dates so we can check on availability.


Warm regards from sunny Madagascar!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pete, & Caro & crew